Thin Crust Killers: Pizza Mysteries #7 (2B)

First Time Ever Published! The ‘Lost’ Pizza Mystery!

Pizza 2B Thin Crust Killers

Now available in eBook format on both Amazon and Barnes and Nobles, soon to come in paperback!!


This book, though never before published, was written between pizza mysteries #2 & #3, Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder and A Pizza To Die For. The editor and I had a disagreement about its general theme, as is sometimes the case, and instead of reworking this book to the publisher’s specifications, I decided to write another book altogether instead. He was perfectly within his rights to make this request, but it left me with an odd feeling of dissatisfaction knowing that this novel would never see the light of day. Given the circumstances though, I moved on and tried my best to forget about this novel until recently. After looking through it with fresh eyes, I realized that I still liked what the novel has to say.

I had a hard decision to make, though. Should I go through the book and painstakingly update it so that it flows from Pizza Mystery #6, The Missing Dough, or should I present it for what it is, a look back in the series before several major changes in the main characters’ fates take place? To the surprise of no one who knows me, I opted for the latter, and not out of sheer laziness as some will surely suspect, though I have to admit that I wasn’t all that eager to rework the entire thing yet again. No, I decided that it is a novel of its time, meant to fall where I originally wrote it, between Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder and A Pizza To Die For. Imagine if you will that this is a novel in the series that you’ve somehow simply missed. It’s a wonderful opportunity to revisit Eleanor and Maddy in a simpler time in their lives, though after reading this novel, I’m sure you’ll agree that the times weren’t that simple after all.

I’ve been getting lots of letters about the next Pizza Mystery, and while this might not be what you were expecting, it’s fresh fiction to you all, novel in the truest definition of the word.I hope you enjoy it, and, crassly put, if enough of you do, there might just be more adventures of the intrepid sisters someday to look forward to.

I’m putting that squarely on your shoulders.

As always, my very best to you all,

The Author


When the local bank is held up, one of its security guards is murdered during the robbery. Things get even more complicated when the note from the robber is discovered to have been written on a brand new menu from A Slice of Delight. Eleanor and Maddy must dig up the truth before it comes back to haunt them!

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A Slice of Delight

Eleanor Swift and her sister Maddy run A Slice of Delight, a small-town Southern pizzeria in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Besides serving delicious pizzas and sandwiches, much to their dismay, murder pops up on the menu from time to time as well.