Books in the Series

A Slice of Murder, Book 1

A Slice of Delight owner Eleanor Swift tries to deliver a pizza and discovers a dead body on the kitchen floor instead.  Eleanor and her sister, Maddy, must work together to solve the crime and clear her name! 

Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder, Book 2

When deliveryman Greg Hatcher’s brother is found murdered in the kitchen of A Slice of Delight, crime-solving sisters Suzanne and Maddy dig in to save their favorite employee! 

Thin Crust Killers, Book 3

When the local bank is held up, one of its security guards is murdered during the robbery. Things get even more complicated when the note from the robber is discovered to have been written on a brand new menu from A Slice of Delight.

A Pizza To Die For, Book 4

A new pizzeria is coming to Timber Ridge, one that offers fancy wood fired pizzas and snazzy sides.  Unfortunately, when Eleanor, Maddy, and the new owner clash in a very public argument, all eyes turn to the pizza making sisters when the man is found murdered!

Rest in Pizza, Book 5

When Celebrity Chef Antonio Benet comes to town, he takes over the kitchen of A Slice of Delight and makes enemies wherever he goes.  It’s no surprise when someone decides to get rid of the man, but what is amazing is the sheer number of folks who are suspects, including Eleanor and Maddy.

Killer Crust, Book 6

When Laughing Luigi visits A Slice of Delight, Eleanor wants to throw him out.  Then he tells her about his pizza-making contest, and invites her to try for the $25,000 grand prize!  Things head south though when someone decides to eliminate Luigi himself, so Eleanor must find the killer before she’s next on the list.

The Missing Dough, Book 7

Eleanor’s sister, Maddy, is about to get married yet again when her lying ex-husband Grant shows up on the scene to spoil everything.  When he’s found stabbed in the heart with a barbeque skewer, Maddy enlists Eleanor’s help in solving the murder, and possibly saving her life!

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